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Monday, September 6, 2010

A story about a growing up girl....

this entry is nothing to do with the one i know...or the one that u know..

This is a bout a growing up girl that broke somebody heart badly.
Its reality now,when the one who cheats in a relationship will be the girl itself.
sometimes people said that it happen for a reason...
bile putus je mesti ade byk alasannye..
if alasannye munasabah such as:

1)awk kaki perempuan.
2)awak curang
3)awak kaki pukul
4)awak xpenah jage perasaan saye.
5)bile saye sakit awk buat bodo je.
6)etc la...

ehm..yes aku mmg skema bab2 cintan cintun nie..
but as i know...human are not a toy to played around especially their heart..
bile couple pe yg korang nak ek??
y some people after a couple of years couple suddenly they said that
"2 tahun i knl u tipu if i x sayang u,
yes i do,
but as a fren,as a bestfren.
i tried so hard to love u but i cant."
but y after a long time??
y not time baru 5 bulan couple dulu??
yup its hard kan??
but its up 2 the couple itself..
"mmg korg tgk luaran semuanya pasal kitorg sweet,semua cantik n hensem,
semua bahagia,semua terbaik,semua serasi,
tpi ada sape2 tahu dlm hati mcm mane?"
after a few weeks couple with other man..
ni lg satu..mmg da jd trend kot manusia2 tkar2 baju lak..
yup life must goes on but~~
mmg senang ke ek to erase the old memories..??
this gurl tried to live her grown life kan..
trying to convince
her frens to accept the reality..
camne ko nak kwn2 ko terime sedang kan ko break off baru je lg..
xcam kilat lak ko couple baru..
maybe that is what her frens think la..hahaha
for the guy who love her so much..this break off thing sucks k..
for all human out there try to not play with people heart if u dont want to get hurt back..

its KARMA believe in that..wats goes around comes around~

1 comment:

  1. thx for the review here.thx ed.sorry to you as a frens i misout those things,
    yeah i do make the big mistake i guess.
    yeah it's karma what goes around comes around.
    thx for the concern.
    to you have a happy life there.
    gud luck in ur future undertaking.

    -a growing up girl that broke somebody heart badly.-